How to Live and Work Anywhere as a Digital Nomad

A digital nomad is a person who takes advantage of technology, using it to live and work wherever they want at any time. The office of a digital nomad is based out of their laptop, or it’s kept online in the “cloud”. They could work in a library, a coffee shop, an RV, a coworking space, a beach, a hammock, a foreign country, or anywhere in between. Doesn’t that lifestyle sound great? We thought it might.

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If you want to lead a lucrative lifestyle with a healthy work-life balance, then the first step is becoming a digital nomad and casting off your shackles. It doesn’t even need to be all that difficult.

Here’s what you need to do to become a digital nomad yourself:

Develop the Skills Necessary for Remote Working

It would be a mistake to quit your job before you are ready. You should first find a job that lets you develop the skills you need for the digital life, such as writing, graphic design, photography, SEO, blogging, etc.

Work Freelance During your Spare Time

You can start your digital career now as a side hustle/hobby. Start building your portfolio, establish your online presence, and build a network while you still have your main job to fall back on.

Consider an Online University

Why not take some skill building courses through an online university? As well as teaching you good skills you can use, they will give you an idea of if you have the necessary drive and motivation to handle working remotely.

Create an Online Business

You can either start up your own business or buy an online website through a broker such as

Enter the Shared Economy

The Shared Economy is filled with freelancing opportunities to explore. There are lots of different ways you can build up your client base. The shared economy is one of the best places to start out.

Learn From Other Digital Nomads

There’s an entire digital nomad community you can join and learn from. Try to find yourself a digital mentor who can teach you the basics and show you the ropes. You can learn from their mistakes as well as their successes.

Ask Your Boss to let you Telecommute

If you want to have the safety net of having a “regular” job, then you should try to convince your boss to let you work from home and telecommute. It’s a great way to start the remote lifestyle and become a digital nomad.

Find a Remote Job

There are lots of online sources to find a remote job. Find an employer listing remote jobs online and apply for jobs that match your skillset. It’s the same as applying for any other kind of job.

Embrace the Digital Nomad Life

After you’ve put all the pieces together, it’s time to start your new life as a digital nomad. Quit your job and become the digital nomad you were always meant to be.

There are thousands upon thousands of remote, telecommuting, virtual jobs online to choose from. You can find them with services like JobCenter and JobMonkey. An alternative way to become a digital nomad is to just start your own online business and be your own boss.

While we were doing the research for this post, we came across a post from CNN of the top cities for digital nomads. Give your digital life a good headstart by joining a community of digital nomads in cities like Chiang Mai in Thailand, or anywhere else they tend to congregate.

There are more digital nomads out there than you might expect. These are people that have taken advantage of technology to break away from the standard 9 to 5 lifestyle. They work jobs that allow them to live, work, and play wherever they want because their job isn’t tied to a single location. The world itself has become their office.

As long as self-motivated digital nomads continue to get their work done on time, they can do what they want when they want. Digital nomads are the future of work, so get started today. It’s time that you took back your time and lived the life that you’ve always wanted to.

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