60,000 businesses and millions of people use 1Password to protect their most important information. We’re a kind, curious, and customer-focused team on a mission to build the world’s most-loved password manager and give people more control over their data.

Our Customer Success team is responsible for nurturing the relationships started during the sales process, building trust and helping customers get the most out of 1Password.

As a Customer Success Manager, you’ll be helping our Teams and Business customers harness the full potential of 1Password while working across other functions of the organization to ensure an exceptional customer experience and drive revenue.

What we’re looking for:

  • Strong communication skills over email, phone, and video. Presenting and speaking to new people each day excites you. Your style is concise and empathetic – with a balance of teaching and listening/learning yourself, as well as the ability to lead a conversation.
  • Experience with and passion for helping people or businesses use software to be more productive and efficient. You’re passionate about discovering a team’s needs, and you ask strong, open-ended questions that help you learn more about them. You enjoy translating technical terms for customers who find technology confusing or intimidating.
  • Someone who works well with internal teams, balancing individual customer’s success with company needs and opportunities.
  • Familiarity with the acronyms SCIM, AD, CLI, SSO, and SaaS.
  • A proven track record in customer success.
  • Readiness to encourage exploration and education instead of taking the reins – your friends would describe you as someone they go to when they need help with their computer, and you help them fix the problem while also teaching them something new.
  • A knack for learning things on your own and quickly adapting to new environments. Since 1Password is remote, it’s important to be independent in your research, but also have the humility to ask for help when you aren’t sure about something.
  • The thought of tracking minute details doesn’t make you cringe and you’re able to organize yourself and your tasks so customers don’t get missed or dropped.
  • Feedback, learning, and growing are some of your favorite words.
  • It’s a bonus if you have personal experience with 1Password or another password manager. While not required, it will allow you to quickly gain confidence in this role.

What you can expect in month 1:

  • Get to know the product, our culture, the Customer Success processes, and the people you’ll be working with.
  • Learn our CRM, what and how we track, and the benefits of keeping customer information within it updated.
  • By the end of the first month, you’ll be able to onboard a larger medium touch customer or a high potential customer through at least one level of the defined Customer Success process.

What you can expect by month 3:

  • Can onboard a larger medium touch customer or a high potential customer through multiple levels of the defined Customer Success process, using your relationship with our sales and development teams to educate, provide feedback, and discover opportunities to upsell or expand.
  • Proactively report on customers’ needs and valuable feedback so the marketing and product teams can accurately reflect messaging and prioritize the right projects to improve the product.
  • Build and maintain a healthy database of customers for whom you are the Success Manager.

What you can expect by month 6:

  • Have developed your best personal approach and rhythm, analyzed the Customer Success processes to maximize your customer engagement, and begun collaborating with cross-functional peers in internal teams.
  • Have a steady book of customers with whom you’ve learned needs, built rapport, and put Success plans in place, influencing the broader Customer Success metrics and processes.

Team Lead quote:

“In Customer Success, you directly help teams and businesses improve their security by getting more out of 1Password. We are building out an amazing team and having a ton of fun doing it. Join us now and help us learn and grow as we go.” -Lynette Kontny, Senior Manager of Customer Success