We want Electron to be the best option for building desktop apps.

GitHub is looking for a full-stack software developer to work on projects related to Electron. Electron is a community and an open source project that enables developers to use their web development skills to build desktop applications.

Electron already powers many of the apps you may use today, including the Atom Editor, the Slack Desktop Client, Visual Studio Code, and many more.

Our team’s goal is to make Electron the best option for building desktop applications. Electron users might include:

  • students developing apps in their spare time
  • bootcamp graduates looking to start a new project
  • open source developers building tools for the community
  • software startups looking for a platform to build their application
  • companies looking to distribute first-class desktop applications to millions
  • enterprise companies looking to distribute internal applications to thousands of employees

Thing we have accomplished so far:

  • we released Electron 1.0, giving thousands of developers a stable platform upon which to build their software products
  • we improved our documentation to enable TypeScript definitions and IDE autocompletion, giving new developers a gentler introduction to a complex ecosystem
  • we improved accessibility, letting developers build more inclusive applications
  • we provided pre-build distributions to make it easier for new developers to distribute first-time apps
  • we maintain an up-to-date core experience by pulling in the latest Node.js and Chromium releases, giving developers access to the latest in web performance and features


Your work will consist of building software products, including tooling, web services, web applications, and desktop applications. You will work both on large-scale production projects, and prototype products designed to answer questions quickly. Your goal is to drive adoption for both users and developers of Electron applications. The territory is open, but you’ll have a wonderful team to help guide and support you. You’ll work closely with other GitHub team members, but also with members from the Electron community.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • you have at least one year of experience as a software engineer
  • you have experience building full-stack web applications
  • you can succeed in a diverse and distributed team by working together across distances and time zones
  • you practice empathy and kindness, and you look to lead and help others

Stuff we would love to hear about:

The following are examples of topics you should bring up when talking to us. If you can talk about some of the following, please consider applying.

  • how to roadmap high-impact projects, with lots of customer input
  • the power of the Web
  • documentation you like, and what you like about it
  • products you have shipped under a deadline
  • prototypes you have built, and what you learned from them
  • a large audience your work has been received by
  • how risk is something to be managed, not avoided
  • how you have worked to increase the inclusivity of projects you’ve worked on
  • what you love about JavaScript